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 Black is the game that eats the world is leading the current trend. You play the role of black support hungry and want to swallow everything in its path. Perhaps you never imagined you would swallow people walking leisurely on the streets, knocking down dozens of houses and sweeping mountains and hills. This game with the participation of many other players will bring you an enjoyable experience.

  You will start with a small black hole, you have to eat people on the road, trees, light poles, cars, ... to increase in size. After getting bigger, you can eat other black holes to increase in size faster. Try to find places where there are many things you can eat to quickly accumulate points. At the same time, stay away from black holes of a bigger size than you if you don't want to make a meal for them and you lose. Only the player with the most points and the largest black hole wins. Through each level, there will be different terrains, be it a modern city with many high-rise buildings or hilly areas connected with many leaf houses and rice fields. Try to enroll yourself at the top of the rankings, set new records.

How to play Black

 Drag to play.

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