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Beaver's Blocks is a fun logic-based block puzzle game that challenges the player's intellect. Place the pieces on the game board and remove the cubes by matching them in a row of nine cubes. Match 3 × 3 square blocks inside the defined locations. Obtain a combination by combining several lines and squares in a row or at once! Gain points and raise your score by removing blocks from the board.

Online 3D graphics with multiplayer support.
A couple games.
A planet that is robust and flexible.

Participants engage in the challenge by using the mouse to move and adhere to instructions. There should be the game board's components. Combine cubes to eliminate them from the board. Complement nine-block lines. Match the 3 3 block squares to the available spots. Obtain a combination by sequentially or simultaneously mixing several lines and square tiles! In order to increase your score, you must remove blocks from the board.

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