About is an exciting water slide game with the participation of many players from many countries around the world, You will not be able to imagine the endless water slide and containing thousands of small people. What if you were sent flying off the slide and fell freely to the ground, join for an exciting experience and dramatic competition. The water slide race is waiting for you...

  With many other players participating, you will race with them on the endless and soaring slide. The sliding speed is fast enough for you to knock other players out for the victory. The water trough is slippery, so the inertia and momentum are very sensitive, requiring skillful control if you don't want to be thrown out and ask for the slide. There will be steam boosters popping up that you need to avoid, or you'll get blown up and have a hard time getting back on track, but sometimes it's something to take advantage of if you want to get to the finish line faster than other players. Remember that even if you are thrown out, you still have the ability to navigate and move to get back to the water slide. One of the 10 fastest players to reach the pool wins.

How to play

Move by: Drag or arrow keys/A-D.


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