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Yamimuguri is a unique and captivating take on the classic Snake game genre, with a primary focus on survival and growth. In this game, players take on the role of a voracious and ever-growing snake in a confined, challenging environment.


  • Objective: The core objective of Yamimuguri is to survive and thrive as a growing snake. Your only goal is to find food, consume it, and increase the length of your snake.

  • Food Acquisition: To extend your snake's length, you need to locate and consume food items that appear on the screen. These items might include fruits, prey, or any other thematic element that represents sustenance.

  • Growth and Challenge: As your snake consumes more food, it grows longer and more challenging to maneuver. The increasing length adds complexity to the game as you must navigate your snake through the confined boundaries without colliding with your own body or the game's borders.

  • Boundaries: The game world is confined within boundaries, which can add an extra layer of difficulty. You must plan your moves carefully to avoid hitting the walls, which can lead to your snake's demise.

  • Survival: As the snake grows, survival becomes increasingly difficult. You need to strategize your movements, anticipate where food will appear, and plan your path meticulously to avoid obstacles and self-collisions.

  • Challenges: The game might introduce various challenges or obstacles, such as time constraints, limited power-ups, or other threats that keep the gameplay engaging and demanding.


Typically, Yamimuguri can be played using straightforward controls, such as arrow keys, a joystick, or touch-based swipes, depending on the platform and device.

Graphics and Sound:

Yamimuguri often features graphics and sound effects that complement the game's theme and atmosphere. The visuals may range from minimalist and abstract to more detailed and immersive, depending on the design choices of the developers.


Snake-style games have long been popular due to their simplicity and addictive gameplay. Yamimuguri's unique twist on the genre by emphasizing survival and growth could make it appealing to players who enjoy challenging and strategic games.

In summary, Yamimuguri is an engaging and challenging Snake-style game with a twist. Players are tasked with growing their snake while navigating within boundaries, all the while striving to survive and avoid self-collisions. This concept adds depth and strategy to the traditional Snake game formula, making it an excellent choice for gamers looking for a fresh take on a classic concept.

How to play Yamimuguri

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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