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About Super Heels

  Super Heels is the performance of a model with high heels. An amateur girl staggers with clogs that are taller than her body, she tries to keep her balance to reach the finish line and that look was funny. You wonder how the little girl can do that, of course, that requires your help. Let's make her modeling career shine with your amazing skills.

  Don't let her wobbly gait worry you. She can still keep her balance no matter how high her clogs are, you need to move skillfully so that she can collect the height of the clogs as much as possible. Avoid obstacles that can cut the height, otherwise, you won't be able to finish. Sometimes there will be rails in the air that she needs to slide through, then you will be able to see a special performance. When you reach the finish line, the height of the thick pair will be an advantage to advance to the higher ranks, which will help you accumulate points to create new records. Maybe you will be surprised with your performance talent.

  Have you ever thought of becoming a model trainer?

How to play Super Heels

Drag to play.

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