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About Slap King

  Slap King is an unusual martial art that will make you laugh. Imagine the blows by the heavenly slaps knocking down the opponent in a split second. Your opponent's somersaults will leave you satisfied. This game is a great choice for you to release your anger with someone. Give it a try which definitely takes up a lot of your time. The match with the slap begins...

  You've been trained to tone your biceps and the techniques you need to compete, knock out opponents in a few seconds to show power with golden hands. A horsepower indicator with a rotating hand. You need to pick the biggest number on that board to make a big slap and eliminate your opponent faster. The dozen will be done in turn, for more advantage you can take advantage of the ad viewing section below, then your horsepower will increase significantly, and not be afraid of the opponent's attacks. Both sides have the following initial energy, whichever side reaches zero first or is knocked out of the arena will lose. The winner will receive a standing ovation from the fans. Good luck with your hand!

How to play Slap King

Click or touch to slap.

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