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About Motocross Hero

  Motocross Hero Race will create the opportunity for you to compete with the world's top racers. The sport game is extremely attractive and interesting when participating in Moto terrain, players will have the task of controlling the moto to overcome difficult and complex terrains in diverse and extremely dangerous scenes. Show your ingenuity by driving the car to the finish line in the shortest time.


  The race that you will participate in with moto GP (Grand Prix) is a speed sport, moto bikes designed specifically for plastic races are still attracting a lot of attention from young people. The famous moto GP race has begun. Your mission is extremely difficult when you have to complete the moto GP race and set a new world record. Use arrow keys to move and press to accelerate. The game offers a sense of speed without distraction, creating a much more difficult challenge than casual racing games. Challenges such as how to control the speed machine without the driving aids like the commercial version, without TCS, ABS, or any other electronic mechanism controlling the 4 wheels or brakes so as not to crash. Lock the wheel, learn how to enter the gas so you don't lose control, learn how to win the best track to have the shortest time to complete each lap. Even in some special cases, the simulation game is now as difficult as racing in real life, up and down the gear has to press and release the throttle to keep the rpm right, into the smoothest gear.


  Experience the feeling of screwing the throttle but still staying at the ideal point of a bend, surpassing two or three opponents at the same time in a bend thanks to a gap that existed less than a second ago became the most satisfying feeling in every race.

How to play Motocross Hero

Arrow keys to race your dirt bike.

Avoid obstacles and knock out your opponents.

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