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About Meow Meow Life

Meow Meow Life is a driving simulation game. Drive a cat across forests, fields, city streets, and residential backyards. This game will challenge your cat-like reflexes, patience, and driving skills. This incredible game is nearly a recreation of Ragdoll cats. The objective is to catch the most kittens without being attacked by mice. Your cat will be kidnapped and joined to your team if you simply click on it whenever it lands on a mouse. Simple, right? Well, we thought the same thing. This is an entirely new type of game. The majority of cat games involve catching cats or attempting to catch more cats than the opponent. In this incredible game, though, you must collect as many kittens as possible while avoiding mice. In addition, you can play minigames that are more entertaining than you can think! Now, relax and appreciate the tranquility of spending time with your pet online.

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How to play Meow Meow Life

You can use the left-click to choose options. 


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