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About Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout

  Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout is the world of crazy mannequins. Everyone wants to monopolize their own territory. They struggle gently that is to hold each other and throw into space. Players will have fun experiences with the funny gait of the dummies, especially when they hold each other and slowly make their way to the throwing boundary.

  You will join many other players, notice the smaller characters and move quickly to pick them up and throw them out. Your size will increase with the number of throws. Avoid other players with larger sizes if you don't want to be picked up and lost in the game. Remember that you must move quickly to find many objects that can be eliminated. There's only one player who can win and rule the planet, which means you have to knock out all the other players. When you are unlucky enough to be picked up, you can try to hold on to your side so you don't fall out to pull yourself back. With higher levels, the planet will be like a maze that is hard to navigate and has more dead zones. 

  Let's see if you can overcome other players to become the hegemon!

How to play Fall Boys Ultimate Knockout

Drag to play.


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