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About Crazy Snake io

  Crazy Snake IO is the world of extraterrestrial cat-headed snakes that you have never seen in current snake games. These mutant snakes will give you a fun and enjoyable experience crawling in space with outstanding neon colors. With the participation of many players, the attraction and drama will be increased in the fight for food and cannibalism to get to the top of the ranking. The world of crazy snakes will make you confused and sometimes dizzy. Join Crazy Snake IO to discover the great things.

  Start small and pick up lots of food to grow in size. A special and unique feature in this game is that you do not need to move exactly to the location of the food, they will be automatically sucked into your snake's mouth. However, in exchange for moving faster to pre-empt other opponents, your snake must release food to propel it forward, so the accumulated points will be deducted. Move sensibly so as not to waste the amount of food that is thrown out. The cat-headed snakes you will not be able to eat, can only eat snakes of the same type as you. One tactic which people often use is to move quickly to block the head and use length to limit opponents. Become the longest snake!

How to play Crazy Snake io

Drag to move faster.

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