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Have you ever found it difficult to retain information? Maybe you just don't have the patience to listen or maybe you're forgetful? If you can relate to these experiences, you are not alone. The world's worst ADDer will be able to understand you. The world's best ADDer will be able to retain information better than you. That's because a good memory is not an innate trait a person has, but one that can be developed through practice. Join now Brain Trainer brain damage puzzle game, the game for you. Playing the game allows you to explore roles that you might not feel comfortable taking in real life. Your goal is to train your brain by solving these logic puzzles. The more you practice, the smarter your brain will become. So get ready to train your brain and solve these logic puzzles to gain the skill of solving them. There are many logic puzzle games on the market, but we have selected the best ones for you.


How to play Brain Trainer

Controls Use the left mouse button


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